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Jason Farr, Chairman
Councillor, City of Hamilton Representative

Jason was born in December of 1968 at Hamilton’s St. Joseph’s Hospital. He has lived his whole life in and around downtown Hamilton.

His love affair with downtown Hamilton began in the early 70’s when every second weekend, Grandma Ellen would take Jason and his brother Greg to Kresge’s, Robinson’s, and a host of other great downtown shops. Then, as a student at Delta High School (where he was not only a football and basketball captain, but also valedictorian), every Saturday and Sunday for five years, rain or shine, Jason was up at 5am to make his way to work at the Hamilton Thistle Club on Robinson Street. The first Barton bus in the morning would get him as far as Hughson and King; he would then walk to his maintenance job in the Durand.

After Delta, Jason went on to study broadcasting at Niagara College, then urban geography at McMaster. While at Mac, Jason would DJ weekends and overnights in his hometown. His first professional broadcast job in Hamilton was at CKOC in 1991. His connection to the Hamilton community flourished from there.

With his friendly presence in the local media, Jason began to establish himself among Hamilton charity groups as an event MC who never shied away from a volunteer hosting offer. He took great pride in representing any organization that was thoughtful enough to ask. Eventually, this led to a nomination for Hamilton Distinguished Citizen of the Year in 2001; the youngest nominee in the history of the award.

He has also worked on air inHamiltonat CHAM, Y108, CHML; the latter half as a morning man. And, from the start, he volunteered as a host on many different community driven programs at Cable 14, where he most recently hosted their daily public affairs show, For The Record. Jason has also been the stadium announcer for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and a part-time host for Sportsline on CHCH.

Jason’s reputation as a reliable, good-natured, and educated community leader continues to grow. As always, Jason credits his sponsorship and subsidy throughout his young life as the motive behind his desire to give back as an adult. He and his brother Greg were often sent off to Kiwanis Camp, school trips, or signed up for sports teams, thanks to programs and people who offered subsidies (such as the Kiwanis Service Club and the Untied Way).

In 1986, Farr won the MVP award at Mark Walton’s Basketball Camp. Mark’s friends at Cathedral High School subsidized Jason’s weekly fees. Jason sees this experience as a turning point in his life. Often he recalls Coach Walton’s opening remarks to the hundreds of teens from across the city. Mark said, “I don’t care where your from, how much money your dad makes, or how long your hair is, when you’re on the court with four other guys, you play as one, you work together, not selfishly, you inspire, you play as a team. If you carry this with you off the court, some day in the working world, you will succeed.”

There is no question that Jason (and his mom) took full advantage of what the community had to offer in terms of subsidies and sponsorships. Jason was always eager to participate and never unappreciative of how he got there.

Currently, Farr is Councillor for downtown Hamilton ‘s Ward 2. Many who have watched or listened to his broadcasts over twenty years in the city are likely not surprised to find that he has elevated his hyper-local focus to this level. He dedicated a great deal of volunteer time analyzing council and interviewing councillors. Often Jason would act as MC at ribbon-cutting ceremonies or community functions with Mayor Bob Morrow, Mayor Bob Wade, Mayor Larry Di Ianni, as well as with many councillors and other City of Hamilton officials. From a very young age, Jason had a genuine interest and respect for the position of municipal office and truly enjoyed interacting with the local political scene.

Here are just a few of the organizations he’s helped out along the way:

• Big Brothers, Big Sisters
• Bowl for Kids Sake
• Brain Injury Foundation
• Canadian Cancer Society
• Citizenship and Immigration
• City of Hamilton Men’s Basketball League
• City Kidz
• Central Memorial Recreation Centre
• Culture and Recreation, City of Hamilton
• Community Living
• Delta High School
• Friends of the Aviary
• Festival of Friends
• Glendale High School
• Hamilton Port Authority
• Hamilton Minor Sports
• Hamilton Bulldogs
• Hamilton Professional Firefighters
• Hamilton Food Share
• Hill Park Reunion
• Hockeyville (Dundas)
• Huntington Park Recreation Centre
• It’s Your Festival
• Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton
• Mohawk Quad Pad
• MS Walk
• Norman Pinky Lewis Recreation Centre
• Santa Claus Parade
• Scott Park High School
• Theatre Aquarius
• United Way

He’s also Honourary Chair of an initiative he established with Banyan Community Services in 1998, called Committed For Kids; helping to send hundreds of area kids to Camp Maple Leaf. To date, the campaign has raised more than $750,000.00.


Ward 15 Councillor Judy PartridgeJudy Partridge, Councillor
City of Hamilton Representative





Esther Pauls, Councillor
City of Hamilton Representative




Trent Jarvis
Citizen Representative

Bernie Mueller
Citizen Representative