Confederation Park

The Hamilton Beach Recreational Building, Lakeland Centre,  is situated at the north end of Confederation Park on Van Wagners Beach Road between the existing Go Cart Track and Lakeland Pool.

The Lakeland Centre is a  prominent structure with a strong focal point to this site of renewed recreational activities.  A lighthouse feature with a viewing deck serves as the central theme and gives an historical perspective to the site.

This building also functions as a new home to many of the existing community groups that presently use the existing Lakeland Community Building.  The main hall is accessible to the mobility-disadvantaged by elevator with secure entrances from both inside and outside the building.  Lakeview Hall can accommodate up to 130 people. It features a beautiful vaulted ceiling and exposed beams and sunburst-design windows overlooking the Hamilton Beach Trail and Lake Ontario.

The main floor area serves the public requirements, confederation staff and also a concession area.

The public area has washroom and shower facilities as required by the pool users with benefits for the trail and park visitors.

The concession area serves all users of the park near the trail from a serving window at the lighthouse base, as the lighthouse serves as a “beacon” to all users of the park.