Hamilton Beach Trail

The Hamilton Beach Trail

In the spring of 2003, the Hamilton Waterfront Trust and the City of Hamilton completed construction of the 8.5km Hamilton Beach Trail – – a multi-use, fully accessible waterfront trail which winds along the shores of Hamilton on the Lake Ontario side of the Beach Strip and forms part of the Lake Ontario Trail, which stretches 350km along the shores of Lake Ontario from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Trenton.

The Hamilton Beach Trail connects to a number of trails within Hamilton – – the Trans Canada Trail, Hamilton Waterfront Trail, Red Hill Valley Trail, Escarpment Rail Trail and the Hamilton Industrial Trail.  It also connects to several trails in the City of Burlington.

As part of this development, the Hamilton Waterfront Trust awarded a commission for public art.  Artist, Janus, presently from Eden Mills, Ontario, grew up in Hamilton and exhibits a true appreciation for the Hamilton Beach. Her sculpture, entitled “Pebbles on the Beach” is composed of three children engaged in typical beach activities.

A series of interpretive signs were developed for the new trail highlighting topics such as:  The Canal Amusement Park; Summer Dreams – – The Fresh Air Camp; Wind, Waves and Water – – Beach Storms.